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The Paradigm Mastery Series

The Paradigm Mastery Series is a five-part series designed to help you explore the impact paradigms have on your world.

Runtime: 147 Minutes
  • DVD
  • Leader’s Guide
Key Learning Points:


Video Previews

The Paradigm Mastery Series is a five-part series designed to help you explore the impact paradigms have on your world. This series will get people talking about the future and help you develop the hands-on skills needed to create an environment that is open to change.

Key Concepts:
  • Leadership and Responsibility
  • Find A New Way To Solve “Impossible” Problems
  • Always Look For The Next Wave of Change
  • Honor Each Person’s Special Role During Change
  • Involve Everyone In the Search For the Future
These are the programs included in the series:
Change and Leadership
“Where do we go from here? How soon should we start?” To answer these two questions, you must be able to more accurately anticipate the fundamental changes in your industry.

Discover the importance of prioritizing your search for the future. Openly communicate the challenges you face. Then create a culture that gives people permission to step outside their current paradigms to meet these challenges.

Length: 33 Minutes

Paradigm Curve

You’ll clearly see the different phases all paradigms go through. Joel Barker helps you pinpoint the ideal window of opportunity to affect a shift in any paradigm. Then he examines the resistance that inevitably arises to change.

Discover how you can use your most aggravating problems as keys to anticipating and shaping your own future. Learn how different personalities in your organization play vital roles in developing new paradigms.

Length: 28 Minutes
Paradigm Effect

Joel Barker shows you a new way to look at your organization. He helps you understand your paradigms– those sets of rules and filters that you use to look at your world.

You’ll see your organization as a forest of paradigms, divisions, departments and teams that are all deeply invested in their own way of doing things. Find out what happened when all their paradigms shift and the rules are rewritten.

Length: 28 Minutes
Paradigm Hunting

“We’re stuck in our paradigm, so what do we do now?” Joel Barker suggests a very simple next step to directly engage people-to get them to work together to look for the next paradigm.

Learn how to form a Paradigm Hunting Team. It is the easiest, most effective, most cost efficient way to get people in your organization involved in discovering the future— one day at a time.

Length: 28 Minutes
Paradigm Partners

In Paradigm Partners, you’ll identify the paradigm partners in your organization. Although each views the world through very different eyes, each has a role in moving your organization forward.

The first is the paradigm shifter, who discovers the path to the brand new territory. Next is the pioneer, who marks the boundaries of the new land. And finally, the paradigm settler, who moves in and puts down roots. You’ll learn how these partners react to problems and change.

Length: 30 Minutes