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ATTITUDE! Resolving Difficult Situations in the Workplace

Let’s face it. Nobody likes to deal with a difficult attitude… In fact, most of us would rather sit in a dentist’s chair before we’d confront one of those bad apples who are making our lives miserable at work. But did you ever stop to think about what kind of price we’re paying for that self-imposed misery?

Runtime: 19 Minutes
  • DVD or USB
  • Discussion Generator Video: Attitude Is… (3 Minutes)
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Participant Materials
  • Self-Study Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation.
Key Learning Points:
  • Reduce interpersonal conflict
  • Reduce time managers spend mediating
  • Improve retention of quality employees
  • Minimize the potential for lawsuits
  • Leverage emotional intelligence to overcome difficult situations


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It’s sad but true; one or more “bad apples” can spoil a bunch of your best performers or undermine your organizational culture. This program helps employees and leaders utilize emotional intelligence to recognize the characteristics of difficult attitudes in today’s diverse workforce and sort out the problems when they arise.

Let’s start with the bottom line first. Less-than-motivated teammates, bossy bosses or rigid coworkers exist in the workplace. There’s no getting around it. We know that one person with a bad attitude can have a negative impact on the entire team or company! So, the question is, “how are your managers and employees responding to someone with a bad attitude?” “Do they have the skills needed to react and respond appropriately?” “Do they respond in such a way that maintains relationships – redirecting and resolving the negativity at hand?”. If negativity is not dealt with properly the problem will only get worse!

Attitude is a learning experience to help people understand how attitudes impact relationships and provides a process for overcoming attitudes that may be stifling an organization’s individual and team performance.

This program is also available in a Healthcare Version. See Healthcare preview above.