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Coaching & Counselling: Maximizing Opportunities

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This program demonstrates how coaching is one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of the people around you.

Runtime: 24 minutes
  • DVD
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Participant Workbook<
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Key Learning Points:
  • Demonstrate how to recognize and transform seemingly ordinary situations into coaching opportunities
  • Educate participants how to distinguish between coaching and counseling situations
  • Teach participants how to pass on their knowledge and skills by following seven essential steps
  • Explain how to improve the performance of fellow employees through coaching and counseling
  • Value the importance of taking on interest in the careers of fellow employees


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This timely program deals with the key skills of coaching and counseling. Passing on knowledge and skills to subordinates and co-workers is essential for the organization to grow and be more productive. This video illustrates the difference between coaching and counseling, and explains how and when to use each style.

This program is available for License Purchase. Please call or email for all the details.