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Conflict Clock: Taking TIME To Resolve Conflict In The Workplace

This program is designed to help employees, leaders and teams respond to workplace conflict. Four key strategies will help participants break old and negative response habits.

Runtime: 24 Minutes
  • DVD or USB – Includes Manager’s Program
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Self-Study Guide
  • Participant Materials
Key Learning Points:
  • Helps individuals understand how conflicts can get out of hand
  • Provides a reflection model to work through to a resolution
  • Helps organizations communicate internally and solve problems


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Conflict with another person can create stress—the kind of stress that can lead to a response that makes the problem worse, rather than better. Our bodies naturally gravitate toward a Fight, a Flight, or a Freeze response when we feel threatened or upset. These responses are generally not helpful.

Conflict Clock is designed to help your employees, leaders and teams successfully respond to workplace conflict. The program presents four proven strategies that will help participants break old and negative response habits.

Visual learners will appreciate The Conflict Clock, a representation of the circular pattern that often emerges when there is a conflict. In the video, the conflict first presents at 12:00. Our initial response to this stressor or conflict happens at 3:00. The other person responds at 6:00, and we respond again at 9:00. If we respond poorly at 3:00, this prompts the other person to respond poorly at 6:00, and so on. We experience a circular problem —one where, despite our poor results, we use the same failed response pattern again and again.

The four key learning strategies are easy to remember, because, like a clock, they are all about T.I.M.E.

T = Take a Moment

I = Identify a Positive Response

M = Manage Your Emotions

E = Envision a Successful Outcome

The 8-minute Manager’s program is available as a stand-alone for $535.00. Click HERE for more details.

It’s included in the full program package priced at $1195.00