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Inclusion Innovation Bundle

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This bundle gives you the chance to explore a new approach to diversity training with world-renowned speaker and diversity expert Steve Robbins. Both Inclusion Insights and The Uh-Oh Syndrome are included in this bundle.

Runtime: 98 Minutes
  • 3-Section chaptered DVD or USB of Inclusion Insights
  • CD-ROM with 61-page Leader’s Guide, Discussion Quick Guide, Reproducible Handouts, Quizzes and Personal Reflection Handout Transcripts, PowerPoint Presentation
  • Chaptered DVD of The Uh-Oh Syndrome with Bonus Segments
  • CD-ROM with Leader’s Guide and Reproducible Participant Handouts
  • PowerPoint Slides
Key Learning Points:
  • Uses a compelling storytelling approach to address preconceptions and stereotyping
  • Shows people how to overcome “unintentional intolerance”
  • Brings all employees together in a shared understanding of one another
  • Explains cultural and scientific factors that lead good people to be closed-minded
  • Teaches people how to become more open-minded and inclusive
  • Helps organizations utilize diversity to improve innovation


Video Previews

The Inclusion Innovation Bundle Includes the following two programs:

Inclusion Insights

Stereotypes, Lazy Brains & Unintentional Intolerance

In this dynamic presentation, Dr. Steve Robbins introduces a Creativity and Innovation approach to diversity & inclusion that helps people examine preconceptions and seek out different perspectives, new ideas, knowledge and experiences. See how N.I.C.E. people fall into “Unintentional Intolerance” and what they can do about it.

Uh-Oh Syndrome

From Intolerance to Inclusion

The “Uh-Oh Syndrome” is the negative reaction we can experience when we encounter something or someone different. The reaction is, in some ways, a natural human response, but in a world with increasing diversity and non-stop change, we need to strive for open-mindedness and inclusion. This program shows how.