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Once Upon A Leader

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Imagine powerful leadership training that is serious fun! This animated video turns a set of familiar fairy tales into a journey of epic proportion. Memorable characters explore key leadership principles (truth and integrity, maximizing diversity, vision and foresight, focusing on the goal) with the power to turn leaders into legends. The video, discussion and follow-up activities provide a unique experience for organizations interested in a fresh approach.

Offering a refreshing break from the typical and more formal examinations of leadership, Once Upon a Leader shares a whimsical, yet powerful message on the practices of effective leaders. Through the animation and discussion of popular tales, familiar characters will lead participants on a journey to discover the value of four leadership practices.

Participants will assess their own leadership styles, apply those lessons to their current environment and improve on personal leadership skills. The timeless values and proven principles in this program include humor and entertainment to appeal to all types of learners easily and effectively.

The Four Leadership Practices:

  • Truth and Integrity
  • Maximize Diversity
  • Vision and Foresight
  • Focus on the Goal