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Spirit Clips Series

Runtime: 43 Minutes

17 DVDs

Key Learning Points:
  • Positive and uplifting messages
  • Helps you perform your acts of kindness
  • Promotes teamwork
  • Shows how diversity makes your organization stronger
  • Helps build positive relationships
  • Shows you how to step outside the box
  • Learn how to set goals


Each program can be purchased separately for $295 each.

This is an extraordinary collection of
 Academy Award-caliber, inspirational short films produced in a variety of formats: live action, documentary, and animation.

In today’s economy, organizations sometimes try to sacrifice values to meet the bottom line. But we live in an interconnected world. Building trust, courage, and co-operative bonding between your team members is vital to your success.

The focus on film production and story quality lets your employees focus on the message, whether it be excellent customer service; setting high performance standards; respecting everyone, regardless of your differences; or standing up for what’s right in the face of adversity. Employees FEEL the focus of the training, not just watch it.

Let these films energize your:
  • Presentations and meeting openers
  • Newsletters
  • Retreats
  • Discussion groups and brainstorming sessions

For your convenience you can preview all of these programs from this page. Just sign in and preview on-line.

Each program can be purchased separately for $295 each.

For more information on each title, click on the links below.

Ben Comen

The Little Frog


The Cracked Pot


One Small Step

A New Deal

The Hubble Solution



Darius Goes West

The Watts Towers

Chivalry In The Sky

Private Andy

Welcome Home

Training Wheels