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TrainingBytes: Achieving Communication Excellence

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TrainingBytes are a collection of short, to-the-point training modules or “bytes” that have been grouped into three sets—each focusing on a different area of how to improve interpersonal effectiveness. The “beauty of the byte” is that each one is a complete course that can be delivered in one-hour or less—perfect for organizations that are short on time, yet still dedicated to learning.

Effective interpersonal skills are at the heart of every successful project, team and organization. As long as there are individuals interacting in the workplace, there is a need for sharpened communication skills to diffuse potential problems, increase productivity and accelerate results.

Accelerate the personal effectiveness and interpersonal abilities of your employees with a program focused on communication skills. In three, straight-to-the-point modules, employees will experience focused learning on how to effectively listen, communicate and give and receive feedback.