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Art de s’organiser série

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This three-part series demonstrates the importance of having time management and delegation skills in order to be an effective manager.

Runtime: 70 Minutes
  • DVD
  • Leader’s Guide
Key Learning Points:

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The Unorganized Manager Series shows that no matter how efficient managers may think they are, they cannot be fully effective until they learn how to manage their time.

In Part 1: Damnation a hard-working manager is so disorganized that he unwittingly makes the lives of his family and colleagues a misery. His disorganization leads to an early heart attack and a confrontation with St Peter. By being given a second chance on Earth, he is able to learn the principles of time management in a way that viewers, many of whom will be unaware of their own faults, can easily relate to.

In Part 2: Salvation the manager has returned to Earth full of enthusiasm, but his inability to establish priorities and to delegate effectively lands him back in front of St Peter. The program shows why managers should consider the actual purpose of their jobs, and not the function. They must learn how to schedule time for active tasks while leaving time for reactive tasks. By delegating and retaining responsibility, they will make more effective use of their own time and that of their team, and contribute to everyone’s motivation and morale.

In Part 3: Divine Intervention we learn how effective managers can create time to focus on their teams. The now organized manager is called to St Peter, this time following an annual health check. Here he learns that his management style still leaves a lot to be desired, since he is failing to organize his team. Through highly memorable wrong-way, right-way scenarios, viewers will learn three steps to successful delegation.