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Faites le bon choix

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This program uses the memorable wrong-way, right-way approach to show how to make the best decision when interviewing job candidates.

Runtime: 30 Minutes
  • DVD
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Participant Worksheets
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Self-Study Workbook
Key Learning Points:

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A selection interview is a bit like detective work. Suspects must be eliminated until the right person is found, whether from inside or outside the organization. Making the right selection choice means knowing the budget was spent well, a valuable asset has been acquired and that colleagues will be motivated by the new team member.

It’s Your Choice shows that too many people get this costly decision wrong. It introduces three managers who make common mistakes and shows the viewer how each manager learns from these mistakes.

Ethelred the Unready is unprepared, knows little about the job or the candidate, and is constantly interrupted by colleagues as the interview progresses. It is not until he is more organized and professional that he is able to make the best choice.

Ivan the Terrible would rather trumpet his own opinions than encourage the candidate to talk. He eventually learns about asking open questions and listening to what the candidate has to say.

Gillian the Silent allows the candidate to take over. She fails to probe or voice her doubts, and realizes she has to be more affirmative and specific to gain the information she needs.