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How Am I Doing (Revised)

Video Previews
Runtime: 26 Minutes
  • DVD
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Participant Worksheet
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Self-Study Workbook
Key Learning Points:

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Appraisal interviews offer managers a golden opportunity to identify problems and opportunities, motivate staff and improve performance. But beware! The mishandling of these interviews can create the exact opposite effect.

Three inept managerial characters show how an appraisal interview should not be conducted: The first never prepares or makes time; the second is too fond of the sound of their own ranting and, the last manager, cannot bring themselves to make any criticism for fear of creating bad feeling.

Understandably, the poor employee who is subjected to these face-to-face farces becomes increasingly disenchanted, baffled and alienated.

How Am I Doing? uses the analogy of the distraught interviewee’s medical checkup to highlight each manager’s mistakes – and to illustrate exactly how an appraisal should be handled.

Use this film to teach your managers how to understand and address the needs of their staff.