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Jamie’s School Dinners

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This program demonstrates how to manage change successfully and shows individuals how to respond to change when it happens to them.
Available in French.

Runtime: 45 Minutes
  • 2 DVD’s
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Self-Study Workbook
  • Customizable Worksheets
Key Learning Points:
  • Managers will learn how to introduce change in their organization
  • Individuals will learn how to deal with change when it occurs

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Chef Jamie Oliver wanted to transform school dinners from processed, ready-made junk into tastier, more nutritious meals. He also needed to convince dinner ladies, head teachers, government ministers and thousands of school kids to support this radical plan. But how can Jamie’s school dinners campaign help your organization deal with change?

Jamie’s School Dinners: Managing and Living With Change is a 2-part program bringing change to life in an easy to understand and inspirational way. It’s broken down into a series of digestible lessons to help you and your employees deal with change when it occurs in your own workplace.

Part 1 – Managing Change
Dealing with change is difficult, but managing change is even harder. Part 1 covers four key learning points that will help you manage and deliver a successfully change process of your own.

  • Passion – Believing in what you are trying to achieve, and believing you can do it, is crucial.
  • People – Everyone reacts to change differently, but there are certain types of people that can be easily identified, (enthusiasts, gate keepers and resisters).
  • Planning – When implementing change, careful planning is essential and can determine whether it will be accepted or not.
  • Perseverance – With change you can nearly always guarantee resistance so determination is a must.

Part 2 – Living with Change

At some point every single member of your workforce will be confronted with change. By taking your employees through the four different stages, they’ll soon realize that it doesn’t have to bring with it widespread fear and confusion.

  • Reject it – Whatever the attitude to change – whether unexpected, unwelcome or simply unwanted – the initial reaction is always the same.
  • Resist it – ‘I was right to think that’ is the next logical reaction. Any explanation, no matter how implausible, can be used to rationalize the initial denial.
  • Reflect on it – At this stage previous judgment begins to be questioned. The mind suddenly switches on to the possibilities that change might bring.
  • Resolve it – The challenge and excitement of new opportunities has triumphed over all the negative perceptions of change.

The benefits:

  • Managers will learn how to introduce change in their organization
  • Individuals will learn how to deal with change when it occurs

Available in French.