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Le client a toujours raison

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In order to get things right the first time – every time – you need to have a process that works. Part of that process is helping your people understand who their internal customers are and showing them how to improve their internal customer service.

Runtime: 21 Minutes
  • DVD
  • Combined Booklet/Guide
Key Learning Points:

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Every organization has processes; a series of operations changing one thing (a product or service) into another.

Achieving 100 per cent quality the first time – and every time – requires everyone in the process treating the next person in the line as an internal customer. They should then discover their internal customer’s requirements – and how to meet them.

This is Process Management, the approach explored by Dwight in this entertaining film. It demands 100 per cent commitment from everyone in an organization; but it repays effort in both improved productivity and job satisfaction.

The video makes the point that it is the responsibility of managers to act as process ‘owners’, maintaining the links with all the people in the process chain.

Of course, there are less ideal ways to approach quality. Dwight uses two examples – one where the process management approach is needlessly complicated – to make his point.

Dwight concludes that quality is not confined to products and services, it’s the way that organizations work.