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Les comptes rendus

Les comptes rendus (Subtitled)
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A good report is a tremendous asset. It takes only minutes to read, but it holds it’s value for months and can be used to spread vital information. Learn the skills required to write and present an easy-to-read, informative and forward-thinking report.

Runtime: 20 Minutes
  • DVD
  • Leader’s Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Self-Study Workbook
  • Participant Worksheets
Key Learning Points:

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A good report is a tremendous asset. It takes minutes to read, holds its value for months and can be made available to many people within the organization or around the world. It can also demonstrate the writer’s knowledge of the subject and quality of thinking.

This program outlines the six steps to successful report writing. By focusing on the objectives, organizing points into related groups and using the four Ps (Position, Problem, Possibilities and Proposals) report authors will ensure their document forwards a constructive and compelling argument.

The video shows how avoiding the use of jargon and keeping words, sentences and paragraphs short and simple, will contribute to a report’s overall effectiveness. Additionally, making the report look readable will encourage its recipients to read and respond to it.

By including headings, sub-headings, double line spacing and appendices, great ideas that may have otherwise been overlooked stand a better chance of becoming reality.

This engaging and humourous film is suitable for any staff member – at any level – who may need to write a report.