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Performance Review: Code Red-How To Handle A DIfficult Review

This new training film illustrates the techniques required for managers and supervisors to handle difficult performance reviews.

Runtime: 26 Minutes
  • DVD
  • PDF of Leader’s Guide
  • PPT Presentation
Key Learning Points:
  • Learn the techniques required for effective and productive performance reviews: regardless of the manager’s approach.
  • Become skilled in handling difficult employees.
  • Understand how best to prepare for a performance review and approach it with positivity and enthusiasm.

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Jones, a secret agent-like character, is alerted when a review goes badly. She zaps the employee’s memory, and gives the manager a chance to re-do the review meeting with help from some sound advice.

This entertaining video features the three performance reviews that most managers dread:

Mild Maxine: the employee about to resign

David misses all the signals of an employee who is disengaged and on the brink of resigning. He thinks performance reviews are a box-ticking chore, so Mild Maxine doesn’t get a chance to express her concerns and desires.
Touchy Tracey: the employee who takes criticism personally

Emma doesn’t prepare herself to deal with Touchy Tracey, so when she tries to criticize her work she gets drawn into an unproductive argument about personality – not performance.

Aggressive Alan: the employee who takes control

Aggressive Alan sees the review as a chance for him to fix what’s wrong with the company; pointing the finger at everyone but himself. Don becomes exasperated and loses control of the review.

Suitable for all managers this memorable program demonstrates key strategies to turn every difficult review into a positive, productive experience; for both manager and employee.