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Successful Selling: A Practical Video Guide To Sales

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This program is a fast-paced, practical video guide to sales for sales professionals. Using realistic scenarios and featuring recognizable actors it covers six modules for successful selling; research, objectives, asking questions, explaining benefits, meeting objections, and selling techniques.

Runtime: 32 Minutes
  • DVD
  • PDF of Leader’s Guide
  • PPT Presentation
Key Learning Points:

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In Successful Selling, Alex, an experienced sales professional gets sucked into his online sales training app. As his virtual guide, Buddy takes him through a series of selling simulations, Alex realizes that perhaps his technique isn’t as sharp as he thought.

Use this training video to help salespeople to…
  • Research the customer and the product
  • Have a clear and flexible objective
  • Ask open questions and keep control of the conversation
  • Sell benefits, not features
  • Learn to overcome objections and criticism when doing a deal
  • Close the deal