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Talent Management

How to Retain Your Best People
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Staff turnover is expensive – both in terms of time and money. This program gives managers solutions for recognizing the signs of unrest and shows them how to turn that around so that the good employees stay put. 

Runtime: 25 Minutes
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When a manager receives a resignation, it’s almost always a shock – even if the warning signs were there.

The number of thoughts that simultaneously rush into a manager’s head at this moment can be overwhelming. Why are they leaving? Could I have stopped it? How much is it going to cost to find a replacement? How will we manage?

Talent Management: How to Retain Your Best People can help prevent all of this from happening in the first place.

There are many reasons why employees might want to leave, and money isn’t usually one of them. This program highlights the three key reasons why employees leave – stress, feeling undervalued or just plain boredom.

The program demonstrates how to recognize the signs of unrest, how to find out what has caused the situation and how to prevent it from turning into a resignation.

Spot the Warning Signs highlights how you can tell when employees might by contemplating leaving, and why its imperative these signs aren’t ignored.

Ask questions shows how easy it can be to get to the bottom of someone’s problem, simply by talking to them and listening to what they have to say.

Look for Solutions demonstrates how you can formulate a plan to stop the problem from escalating and ultimately stop someone from leaving.