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The Power Of Vision

Join Joel Barker as he takes viewers around the world to share fascinating stories and examples of how a positive vision of the future has helped individuals, organizations and even societies to shape their own destinies.

Runtime: 30 Minutes
  • DVD, USB, or Streaming
  • Leader’s Guide
Key Learning Points:
  • Provide direction in times of change and uncertainty
  • Improve the quality of decision-making
  • Dispel feelings of helplessness in turbulent times
  • Help individuals and organizations focus on their goals and achieve remarkable results



One thing all successful companies have in common is a positive and inspiring vision.

Joel Barker shows that the success of civilizations, individuals, and organizations depends upon vision. Leaders at all levels must create a distinct, positive, and compelling vision of the future and set the goals necessary to reach that future. This video can help lay the foundation for future plans and programs – plans that flourish because every employee contributes to and supports the direction in which the organization is heading.

The video clarifies the concept of vision, demonstrates the positive power a meaningful vision can have within an organization, and it shows viewers that everyone has the ability to shape their own future. Vision is powerful because when it’s combined with action, it can change your organization. Leaders must participate in creating vision and that vision must be shared, supported, comprehensive, detailed, and inspiring.

Vision determines destination. Help your organization find direction by implementing The Power of Vision into your training sessions. The Power of Vision inspires everyone in your organization to take a look at the future, and develop a vision that can truly make a difference.