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Stress Testing Card

Want a giveaway that promotes good health? Want an inexpensive gift that people will actually keep? Want to put your name and logo in the hands of your clients, patients, employees or customers? Get a stress card. It’s fun and informative.

  • 1 Stress Testing Card


Say goodbye to the ugly plain white stress cards you may have seen elsewhere. Our stress cards are beautifully designed with a sunset or mountain background—or choose your own scene.

Just like a plastic credit card, our stress card goes neatly in your wallet or purse. The heat sensitive material on the front of the card changes color to tell you whether you are relaxed or tense. The reverse side gives you detailed instructions on how to relieve your stress.
Great for seminars and health promotion campaigns.
Order any amount from 1-100,000. Steep quantity discounts available. Customization available on quantities of 500+.