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Ethics 4 Everyone Handbook

A unique and powerful resource for employees at ALL levels.
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You read about it on the internet; you hear about it on the evening news; it’s plastered on industry publications and legal journals. The “it” is ETHICS, and it has quickly become today’s most critical organizational concern.
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The title says it all! There are some serious ethics problems out there, and it’s imperative that you don’t get caught up in them. Reputations are at stake, success is at stake, jobs are at stake. And you must protect yourself by making sure that integrity-based organizational practices become your way of life. That involves everyone in your organization, and that’s what this timely handbook is all about!

Ethics4Everyone is a unique and powerful resource for all employees at ALL levels. It provides practical information to guide individual actions, decisions, and daily behaviours. And it will help your entire workforce understand that, when it comes to ethics, everyone is responsible … everything counts!