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FINALLY… one handbook that contains ALL the important messages your people need to hear… and USE!
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Here’s a powerful guidebook for ALL employees, regardless of their level, position, or time on the job. Using a straight-talk, real-world approach, it pinpoints the critical behaviours necessary for individual and organizational success.

Number of pages: 48
  • 1 48 page book


Let’s face it. Your organization will be only as successful as your employees and successful employees are those for whom success is a mindset. It’s a contagious mindset. Even so, you’d be surprised how many employees don’t have it!

Start Right… Stay Right boils it all down to basics, exploring – in a uniquely innovative way – matters as simple as wardrobe, as complex as organizational culture, and as powerful as teamwork. You won’t find another training program quite like it!

Make it a key component of your:

  • New-hire orientation programs
  • Ongoing employee training
  • Leadership development initiatives

This is the book you’ll want everyone reading and using… TODAY!