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5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask

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Find out how to make leadership less painful – even when under pressure to achieve goals, solve problems, manage change and improve productivity – simply by asking the right people the right questions.

Runtime: 27 Minutes
  • DVD or USB
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Participant Worksheets
  • PowerPoint Presentation
Key Learning Points:
  • Teaches a proven problem-solving process for team improvement
  • Brings out a team’s best ideas through a set of questions
  • Produces positive outcomes and higher productivity


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Today’s leaders are under tremendous pressure to achieve goals, solve problems, manage change and improve productivity. Constantly faced with these challenges, many leaders struggle to find answers, making their jobs increasingly stressful and unsatisfying.

But leadership doesn’t have to be this painful. In this training program, leaders learn they don’t have to have all the answers – they simply have to ask the right people the right questions.

The Framework for Leadership™ enables leaders to work with their teams to identify and build on successes they’re already having (versus dwelling on what’s not working). From there, goals and objectives are clarified, the benefits of achieving the goal(s) are established and action plans are put in place.

The net result of this process is that:

  • Ideas, answers and solutions are drawn from the people closest to the work.
  • Conflicts are resolved and group dynamics are redirected in a positive way.
  • Employees become critical thinkers and develop a sense of buy-in to the group’s action plan.
  • New initiatives and solutions are successfully implemented.