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Ethics 4 Everyone

With issues of corporate integrity and accountability in the news daily, perhaps it’s time for a refresher course in ethics. This training program covers it all – from taking home a few office supplies to ethnic jokes, to insider trading, and more.

Runtime: 25 Minutes
  • DVD or USB
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Participant Workbook
  • PowerPoint Presentation
Key Learning Points:
  • Inspires a commitment to ethical behavior
  • Addresses conflicting “rights” and provides an ethical action test
  • Gives strategies for the occasional “gray area”


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Ethics is all about knowing and consistently doing what’s right. This versatile program will help people in both areas. Employees will learn that ethics is displayed in everything they do and that everything they do counts. They’ll find out why ethics is crucial to their success in life and how it can make or break an organization.

Ethics 4 Everyone provides a powerful ethics overview for any type of organization. In just 15 minutes, viewers will see why focusing on ethics is key to organizational and individual success. They are also given an ethical action test, tips for solving ethical dilemmas, and more.

Poignant video vignettes and expert commentary from ethicist and author Eric Harvey come together in this highly effective and compelling ethics overview. The video begins with the issue of knowledge. We know what’s right, it suggests, when we remain aware of laws, organizational rules/procedures, shared values and what our own conscience is telling us.

The program offers several tools and strategies for helping people consistently do what’s right: 

  • When in doubt…use an Ethical Action Test — Is it legal? Does it comply with our rules and guidelines? Is it in sync with our organizational values? Will I be comfortable and guilt free if I do it? Would I do it to my family or friends? Would I be perfectly okay with someone doing it to me? Would the most ethical person I know do it?
  • Master the 3 “Rs” — Treat people and company resources with respect. Be responsible for providing quality goods and services, carrying your share of the load and keeping your commitments. Get the right results the right way.
  • Learn To Say No with Tact — When faced with a situation or directive you believe is wrong, don’t go along to get along…state your objection without indictment and propose an alternative action you feel is ethical. If necessary, seek advice.
  • Manage Conflicting “Rights” or Ethical Dilemmas — Use the ethical action test to decide what’s “more right”, and if you’re still not sure, get an outside opinion.
  • Walk the Talk — Understand that ethics is displayed in everything you do… and that everything you do counts.

The Bonus Leadership Segment outlines 10 Ethics Guidelines specifically for those in a leadership role. Footage covers how to hold yourself accountable for ethical behavior, how to regularly communicate organizational values and ethical standards to staff so they are certain about what is/isn’t acceptable and why it’s important to recognize those who act ethically.