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Shifting Years: Leverage the Power of Generations

Shifting Years, approaches generational differences in a new way. Rather than simply offering ways to deal with these differences, Shifting Years highlights how we must first build relationships by focusing on our similarities.

Runtime: 12 Minutes
  • DVD, USB, or Streaming
  • Trainer’s Guide
  • Group Exercises
  • PowerPoint Presentations
Key Learning Points:
  • Learn to view differences as opportunities
  • Look past your assumptions
  • Discover that we’re more alike than different


Shifting Years discusses how multiple generations working together should be leveraged as a source of great potential – instead of a cause for tension. By finding a common ground, respecting differences, and letting go of assumptions, great things can happen!

Hosted by author, Laura Goodrich, Shifting Years aims to generate discussions and open-mindedness between all age groups. This program reminds us that it’s how we choose to work together that determines our success.

It’s easy to make assumptions about other people without ever having a conversation. The ‘Generation Gap’ is ever-present. There are a lot of ways we might, even unconsciously, judge someone: their age, how they look, how they dress, etc. And sometimes we let these assumptions cloud our idea of this person before giving them a chance and taking the time to get to know them.

To really succeed in a multi-generational workplace, we need to make an ongoing and conscious effort to look past these assumptions and take the time to get to know people as individuals. When we choose to positively work together and have an open mind, we can learn a lot about a person, and most importantly, we can create a base of respect and build a relationship built on trust.