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Dimensions of Service

In this segment of the 5-Part Service Impact Series, you’ll discover the secrets of improving customer satisfaction by dealing with all facets of the client experience.

Runtime: 5 Minutes
  • DVD or USB
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Interactive Activities
  • Discussion Questions
  • Participant Worksheet
  • PowerPoint file
  • Pre and Post-Training Assessment—all anclllaries are on CD-Rom
Key Learning Points:
  • Avoid focusing on single component of service
  • Focus on measurable results
  • Learn to measure multiple facets of service
  • Balance a variety of measurable dimensions for excellent service


Larry is a manager facing declining customer satisfaction. He launches a new initiative to speed up response time, but satisfaction actually goes down. We see this happen when a customer, Justine, doesn’t receive a call back as promised, and is frustrated that her issue hasn’t been resolved.

The service rep Stacy, who is proud of her job and always does what management asks, counters that she is doing her job: answering phones quickly.

Larry’s superior, Wendy, explains that you need to understand all dimensions of service to achieve first-class customer satisfaction. He tries a new initiative, looking at all dimensions of service. When Larry starts measuring other facets such as resolution time, Stacy enjoys the additional challenge and resolves issues quickly. When Stacy informs Justine that her issue will be resolved shortly, she wins another satisfied customer.