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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free previews of your programs?
We offer FREE online previews for our programs. If it’s impossible for you to view previews online, we can arrange for couriered previews sent to your location. Remote locations may incur shipping charges.

Do you offer Streaming of your programs?
Our programs are available for streaming, either on your LMS, or ours. For pricing, please send us an email, or call for a custom quote on your unique needs.

Do you offer Rentals of your programs?
Many of our programs are available to rent, either DVDs, USBs or by online streaming. For pricing, on streaming rentals, please send us an email, or call for a custom quote.

Do you allow returns on purchases?
Performance Resources offers FREE previews and therefore does not accept purchase returns other than for damaged or incorrect shipments. This includes DVDs, USBs, Guides, Workbooks, Business Books, and all Ancillaries. If you have any questions or doubts about your purchase, please get in touch before you place your order. Should you receive a damaged or incorrect shipment, please call us within 24 hours.

Can I lend out or share with other organizations, the resources that I purchase from Performance Resources?
License/purchase entitles you to internal use for the benefit of training your employees for the life of the DVD/USB. You have no ownership of the DVDs/USBs, including all media on which they reside; however, license/purchase entitles you to unlimited non-theatrical use (to which no admission is charged) via optical projection or conventional DVD/USB playback. Purchasers may not re-sell, rent, loan, advertise, alter, copy, transmit, recast or duplicate a Performance Resource’s film or accompanying print material–in whole or in part–without Performance Resource’s prior written permission.