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FISH! Tales Book

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More than a million readers caught FISH! A remarkable way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, and organizations around the world looked at work in a new, exciting way. Now you can see how the powerful parable had an impact on real-world people and organizations with FISH! Tales, another book from the authors of FISH!

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The Story: Real Examples
Four feature stories tell the amazing tales of organizations that used the simple but profound principles of The FISH! Philosophy to spark positive action and create change in their culture, achieve measurable goals like productivity and employee retention, and inspire their employees. In addition, the book is packed with bite-sized activities and stories of how FISH! has provided the tools and language for transformation. As an extra bonus, a 12-week FISH! Philosophy course is also included to help you create the same passion and wholeheartedness in your workplace.

There are four videos based on this book.

Moving, fun, insightful and true, FISH! Tales will show you how to move an energetic and passionate workplace from possibility to reality. Don’t get caught without a copy!