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Schools of FISH! Book

Based on the renowned The FISH! Philosophy and FISH! For SchoolsSchools of FISH! is full of transforming stories—from teachers to administrators at all levels across the country.

Very Limited Quantities Available.

  • 1 Hardcover Book


The book addresses the very issues you deal with every day, including:

  • Improving learning
  • Relationships, respect, and personal accountability
  • Ways to “up” fun, enthusiasm and creativity
  • Self-discipline and internal motivation
  • Creating vibrant classroom and school cultures… and more.

In addition, you’ll find insightful “FISH! Thoughts”—short, engaging essays that confront some of education’s most pressing issues. All to help you create the most effective—and fun—learning environment possible.

So get ready to dust off your idealism. And welcome back to the reason you became an educator. Schools of FISH! is here.