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The Guest, Revised

This hilarious remake of the all-time bestseller brings a fresh and updated look to the classic training comedy, but the message remains the same: “Treat your customer like a Guest in your home.”

Runtime: 15 Minutes
  • DVD or USB with The Guest 2E and The Original Guest
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Reproducible Handouts
  • PowerPoint Presentation
Key Learning Points:
  • Welcome Them
  • Use their Name
  • Take Care of their Needs
  • Thank Them
  • Invite Them Back


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Treat your customer like a Guest in your home.

That’s the message behind this hilarious new version of a classic bestseller. We all know how to take care of a guest in our home: we welcome them, we take care of their needs, we thank them for coming and we invite them back. A guest at work is no different. It’s that simple and that important.

The fortunes of any business rise and fall based upon the level of service it delivers to its customers. No matter how large or complex an organization may be, great service usually comes down to one employee, serving one guest, one day at a time.

This brand new training comedy will forever change the way your employees view their customers, their guests, by reminding them that everything we need to learn about delivering great customer service, they already know.

The Guest training video shows how to treat customers as guests. It’s as simple as:

  • Welcoming Them
  • Using their Name
  • Taking Care of their Needs
  • Thanking Them
  • Inviting Them Back

Suggested Uses: External and internal customer service training workshops, kick-off meetings, sales meetings, meeting openers.

Business Needs: Improving the level of customer service to positively impact the bottom line by creating a loyal customer base; improving internal customer service and communication among work teams to improve productivity.