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Right/Wrong To WIN/WIN: Peer-To-Peer Conflict Resolution

Supporting conflict management at all levels, this practical and engaging training film teaches people how to resolve conflict themselves with a 5-step process.

Runtime: 13 Minutes
  • DVD, USB or Streaming
  • Leader’s Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
Key Learning Points:
  • Teaches a 5-step process applicable to any type of conflict
  • Equips employees with skills to resolve conflict on their own
  • Helps diverse teams remain productive and respectful when conflict arises


In a workplace full of people with different backgrounds, experiences, work priorities and deadlines, conflict is inevitable. This video teaches employees how to resolve conflict with others…directly, respectfully and effectively.

Given the increased diversity of today’s work teams, more and more organizations are realizing the importance of creating a culture that supports conflict management at all levels. And that begins with training.

Right/Wrong to WIN/WIN™ is a practical and engaging conflict training film that teaches people how to move from a mindset of “I am right; you are wrong,” to a place of mutual understanding and collaboration. It helps people in conflict see that it’s never “you against me”…it’s always “us against the problem.”

The film introduces an easy-to-remember 5-step process that applies to any conflict:

Step 1. Step away
Step 2. Prepare
Step 3. Focus on the problem, not the person
Step 4. Meet face-to-face
Step 5. Seek a WIN/WIN solution

This process enables any two employees to communicate their way to finding a win/win solution thereby lessening the need for a conflict mediator (such as a supervisor or manager). In addition to the 5-step process, the video features a highly relatable peer-to-peer conflict scenario and fun graphics.