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Act Fair! Effective Discipline

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Show your managers how to deal with discipline – without becoming adversarial or resorting to formal warnings.

Runtime: 17 Minutes
  • DVD or USB
  • Leader’s Guide
Key Learning Points:
  • Agree
  • Commit
  • Test
  • Follow-up
  • And
  • Inform them of
  • Results


Use this video-based training program to equip your managers with the skills and knowledge they need to carry out effective disciplinary interviews.

The A.C.T. F.A.I.R. approach to dealing with discipline illustrated in the video shows managers how to conduct informal disciplinary interviews that have a specific and measurable outcome. It shows managers why they should ‘ACT’ and how they should ‘ACT’. It also shows that ‘doing nothing’ is not an option

The video illustrates realistic disciplinary scenarios with completely different types of offenders: a grumpy accountant who appears to have an attitude problem; a defiant young man who’s ignoring the company’s safety rules; a hard-pushed mother who’s always late for work.

The program shows that by using the same A.C.T. F.A.I.R. process, disciplinary interviews can be carried out in the same effective way – before the need for a formal warning and not in an adversarial way.


By using the video and accompanying activities in the trainer’s guide, you will be able to ensure that your managers:

  • Are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to handle discipline problems informally, effectively and confidently
  • Understand the importance of ‘ACT’ing on discipline problems promptly, whenever a person’s behaviour deviates from accepted rules or norms.
  • Have a clear interview structure which is easy to remember and apply: ACT FAIR!
    Agree, Commit, Test
    Follow-up And Inform them of Results

Show your managers how to deal with discipline – without resorting to formal warnings.