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Challenging Absenteeism

This program has been designed to help managers and supervisors gain confidence in dealing with absenteeism, especially where the employee is not very communicative or the situation is particularly sensitive or difficult.

Runtime: 32 Minutes
  • DVD, USB or Streaming
  • Leader’s Guide
Key Learning Points:
  • The importance of a return to work interview
  • The importance of keeping an open mind and be empathic
  • Maintain accurate attendance records
  • How to deal with a unionized workforce


This program highlights seven different situations bringing to life the complexities that managers and supervisors may face when dealing with absenteeism.

It will help them to understand the importance of keeping an open mind about any underlying reasons, and that the Return to Work Interview should be used as the start of a process.

Most managers and supervisors feel somewhat powerless when it comes to dealing with absenteeism. This program is designed to help managers gain confidence in dealing with absence.

  • The doctor’s note – How a manager deals with a worker who believes that the doctor’s note is all there is to say.
  • The menstrual cycle – A young manager faces an older female worker who misses odd days at roughly four weekly intervals.
  • It is none of your business – A worker refuses to tell his manager why he was away.
  • It is your fault I’m stressed – How a manager deals with stress caused by work
  • It is stress! (the external cause) – Absence caused by stress outside of work
  • Take it as holiday – How a manager deals with a worker who volunteers to take the time from his holiday entitlement.
  • The union rep – A worker demands the right to be accompanied by his union representative at a discussion of his absence.