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Conducting Legal Performance Appraisals

Conducting effective performance appraisals that are legally defensible is an essential responsibility of every manager. This program shows that performance appraisals not only need to drive an effective strategy for performance improvement but they also have to stand up to legal scrutiny for wrongful termination claims and to charges of EEO violations.

Runtime: 14 Minutes
  • DVD
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Employee Quiz
Key Learning Points:


Conducting legal and appropriate performance appraisals is an important job task for any manager, supervisor, or team leader to learn. Appraisals serve as an opportunity to provide constructive feedback and coaching as well as a time to give recognition and inspiration. Not only do great appraisals improve employee performance, but they strengthen manager performance as well. After all, managers cannot truly succeed until their employees do.

Conducting a legal performance review is of essential importance to your organization. It’s a continuously evolving landscape that requires a conscious effort on the part of the manager to maintain objectivity and legality throughout.

Performance appraisals are only meaningful when they have direct, ongoing influence on an employee’s behavior and performance. The appraisal won’t have any influence if it’s something that you only think about just one day out of the year. And if that’s the case, the potential for a legal misstep is exponentially greater.
 Fortunately, by following a series of sound, practical guidelines managers can develop a file of legally defensible documentation that will help them prevail in court and greatly reduce their chances of facing legal scrutiny in the first place.

This program covers the laws that impact:

  • Preparation & Documentation
  • Performance Logs & Job Analysis
  • Employee Self-Appraisals
  • Best practices for Forms, Meetings
  • Maintaining Objectivity
  • Goal-setting & Follow-through

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