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Credibility Through Honesty

In this segment of the 5-Part Service Impact Series, you’ll discover how to be honest about service problems and boost your company’s image at the same time.

Runtime: 5 Minutes
  • DVD or USB
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Activities
  • Discussion Questions
  • Student Worksheet
  • PowerPoint file
  • Pre and Post-Training Assessment – ancillaries all on CD-Rom
Key Learning Points:
  • Never lie to customers
  • Take responsibility for mistakes
  • Take immediate corrective action
  • Safeguard internal information
  • Don’t reveal information that could damage your company’s reputation


In Part 1: An overwhelmed service representative, Terry, receives a call from a frustrated customer, Justine. When Terry realizes he forgot about Justine’s case, he tries to end the call before his manager finds out. He refuses to admit his mistake, then lies. When caught by Justine, he blames his company and reveals sensitive inside information. When Justine asks to speak with his manager, Terry lies about his name and hangs up, costing the company a valuable customer.

In Part 2: Terry approaches the same situation differently. He promptly admits his mistake and apologizes. He takes responsibility and ownership, immediately schedules corrective action, and accommodates Justine. He solves the problem, and wins another satisfied customer.