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Customers With Disabilities: Delivering Excellent Service

If you have customers with disabilities then this training program is a must see for every employee. This program was designed to help you teach all your associates how they can properly provide superior service to customers with disabilities.

Runtime: 34 Minutes
  • DVD or USB (34 Minutes)
  • Leader’s Guide (Including Full Transcript)
  • QUIZ (Combining True/False & Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Questions for Discussion
  • Terms & Expressions Handout
  • PowerPoint
Key Learning Points:


You will notice that throughout the program, the terms disabled person or blind person haven’t been used. Instead, you will hear “person with a disability” or “person who is blind.” The point is simple: put the person first. This is not simply about language; it’s about treating people with disabilities as customers and delivering the best service possible.

This program is divided into five chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Blind or Low Vision
  • Chapter 2: Cognitive Disabilities, including people with emotional challenges, and other disabilities, such as autism, Tourette Syndrome, and head injuries
  • Chapter 3: Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Chapter 4: Mobility, including customers who use wheelchairs as well as walkers, canes, and other mobility devices
  • Chapter 5: People of Short Stature/Vertically Challenged

You’ll learn about the four major interactions you’ll have with customers with disabilities:

  • Greeting
  • Product Assistance
  • Sales Transaction
  • Addressing Other Needs

The goal of this training program is simple: it will help every associate deliver the best customer service to people with disabilities.