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The Power of Listening

Effective listening skills are crucial. This video teaches why most people are not good listeners, highlights major impediments to effective listening and offers tools to improve listening skills as a means of enhancing performance.

Runtime: 22 Minutes
  • DVD or  USB
  • Leader’s Guide
Key Learning Points:
  • Shows how to listen effectively
  • Reduces miscommunications
  • Builds interpersonal skills


Of all the communication skills we employ, listening is the most used and the least appreciated.

Effective listening skills are crucial because listening is a fundamental source of information, as well as a key element in interpersonal relations.

This film delivers its message and demonstrates concepts through a realistic business drama, historical examples, animated characters, and an on-camera spokesperson, communications expert Dr Tony Alessandra. Among other things, the video teaches why most people are not good listeners, major impediments to effective listening, listening as an active skill, why listening is a powerful tool, how listening differs from reading, and techniques for sharpening listening skills.

As The Power of Listening illustrates, listening is an essential and potent aspect of good communications, and despite advances in technology, it remains a very human process-and a very powerful one.

The Following Points are Highlighted in the Video:

  • Why most people are not good listeners
  • Major impediments to effective listening
  • Listening as an active leadership skill
  • Why listening is a powerful tool
  • How listening differs from reading
  • Techniques for sharpening listening skills
  • Eliminating costly mistakes through effective listening