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Have you ever felt alone, isolated, ostracized? Watch as a young boy experiences aloneness and then add in some harassment and bullying to the mix. He’s rescued in the end, but how that happens is a huge surprise.

Runtime: 3 Minutes
  •  DVD
Key Learning Points:
  • You and only you are responsible for your behaviour
  • Bullying and intimidation are never acceptable
  • Diversity is a positive force for organizations


This theatrical-release-quality short film reveals through the power of metaphor that all it takes is one person to end a cycle of harassment and intimidation in the workplace.

Workplace bullying and harassment are among the leading causes of stress—and unfortunately, lawsuits—in the workplace today. Often taking subtle forms, bullying is an insidious and destructive force. The Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute reports that bullying is the most common form of inappropriate workplace behaviour.

Use for: Diversity, Harassment and Bullying and Management and Supervisory training.