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The 5 Communication Secrets

This DVD program is presented by Richard Greene, the creator of The 5 Secrets.  It is designed to quickly advance your public speaking and presentation skills, through five sets of lessons illustrated by video examples from the public speeches of Barack Obama.

Runtime: 47 Minutes
  • DVD
  •  Support Package Includes: Facilitators Guide, Participant Workbook, PowerPoint Presentation
Key Learning Points:


The 5 Secrets is a breakthrough how-to video revealing the communication skills that took President Barack Obama, in a mere four years, from a little-known Illinois state senator to become the President of the United States. Now you can master the abilities that will help you speak like Obama.

Banish your fear of speaking forever!

Discover the remarkable power of your voice and body language through simple, effective techniques you can begin applying immediately!

Break down the wall between you and your listener so that they are already supporting you before you say a single word!

Learn the secrets of the brain’s Four Languages – and how you can impress and persuade anybody!  Master the most powerful secret of all – the one that every great speaker has, and that you have, too! (Even if you don’t know it!)

Find out how what you feel passionate about can have listeners hanging onto your every word!

Remember: every single aspect of your life depends on communication, so every single aspect of your life can be improved through enhanced communication skills!

World-renowned communication expert Richard Greene was called the “Master of Charisma” by the British press after he traveled to England to coach Princess Diana on how to be more effective in public appearances. Now he reveals the 5 Secrets that ignited Barack Obama’s campaign. In easy, step-by-step lessons, illustrated by videos of President Obama’s own speeches, Greene shows how you can use these powerful techniques to transform your career and your personal relationships by learning to speak like Obama.