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The Art of Networking

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Whether it’s leveraging your network, planting psychological “seeds”, establishing new contacts, winning over your team or negotiating deals around the board table, Mark Jeffries’,  will provide a toolbox of innovative and instantly usable techniques to help grow your success.

Runtime: 22 Minutes
  • DVD or USB
  • Leader’s Guide
Key Learning Points:
  • Leverage the 3 Assumptions of Networking
  • Tip the scales of influence
  • Learn the etiquette of technology
  • Plant the seed of an idea
  • Monitor and adapt to a decision maker’s signals
  • Apply the 3 Rs of Networking; Radar, Recall, Reward


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Ever wonder why some people seem to know everybody? How do they walk up to a group of strangers at a conference and fit right in? Why do decision makers always take their calls?

The Art of Networking with Mark Jeffries will teach you how to tip the scales in your favor by using a set of innovative communication ideas designed to help you grow your business by improving the way your employees communicate, network, negotiate, and connect with their clients and colleagues.

Best-selling author and keynote speaker, Mark Jeffries is a highly sought-after communications coach for the world’s most successful senior executives. He is also a frequent guest on television shows such as NBC’s Today Show and BBC News. In his latest program, 
The Art of Networking, he lays out a powerful set of assumptions that anyone can use to strategically influence those they work with or want to work with. “When all else is equal, the person who makes the best connection wins.”

The Art of Networking covers a wide range of practical examples, from gracefully joining a group of strangers at a reception, to the correct way of presenting or accepting a business card, to the secrets of getting a busy decision maker to take your call. His disarming and highly entertaining presentation will prepare participants for their next industry conference, team meeting, elevator pitch or sales call.