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The Comeback

This program discusses an important topic often lost or ignored in organizational settings: Grief and Loss.

Runtime: 7 Minutes
  • DVD, USB, or Streaming
  • Trainer’s Guide
  • Discussion Questions
  • PowerPoint™ Presentation
  • ‘Understanding Grief’ Interview
Key Learning Points:
  • Acknowledge their loss
  • If they want to talk: Listen, listen, listen
  • Expect them to be different
  • Offer the appropriate assistance
  • Understand that performance may be temporarily diminished


This video program is about a man who returns to work following an absence. His co-workers are uncomfortable and unsure how to interact with him until a young employee from the mail room takes the time to ask him what happened.

If a person experiences a death in the family, a serious illness, a death in the workplace, or a traumatic or life-changing event, it is next to impossible to keep those feelings out of the workplace. Instead of ignoring or avoiding the person experiencing a loss, it is important for them to feel supported by their colleagues and manager. This will aid in their recovery.

This program also features Understanding Grief, a 30-minute interview with grief expert Paul Johnson, that offers trainers and viewers an in-depth analysis of grief, and offers further insights about coping with loss. This program will enable people and organizations to have honest conversations about loss and grief in a safe environment.

Tips for Returning to Work after Suffering a Loss/Death:

Understand that healing takes time
Realize that not everyone will be able to respond well to your loss
Seek out supportive people who are willing to listen
Learn about the company’s bereavement policy
Ask for additional leave or negotiate an hours change if possible