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The Power of Teamwork Inspired By The Blue Angels

In this dynamic video, Commander Scott “Yogi” Beare, U.S. Navy (Retired) uses his experience with the Blue Angels to help your team reach new heights.

Runtime: 28 Minutes
  • DVD or USB
  • Leader’s Guide,
  • PowerPoint Presentation,
  • Participant Notebook
  • Session Quiz
Key Learning Points:
  • Identify 12 keys to teamwork
  • Recognize that training results in high performance
  • Appreciate that trust is key
  • Understand that teams must have the right people in the right positions
  • Commit to “making the team” every day.


Since 1946, the Blue Angels world-renowned flight demonstration team has served as a symbol of the Navy and Marine Corps’ finest. Their spectacular flight patterns and mindboggling maneuvers dazzle and inspire the millions of spectators they draw to air shows every year. Flying directly at one another, 100 feet off the ground, traveling 667 feet a second, converging at over 1000 miles an hour, takes trust to a new level. The Blue Angels are the ultimate performance team!

You and your team will learn to:

  • Identify 12 keys to unlocking the power of teamwork.
  • Recognize that high performance teams are the result of intensive training, detailed procedures, and shared values.
  • Appreciate that trust is your team’s most important value.
  • Realize that center point values build a sense of unity and establish a bond between team members.
  • Understand that to create positive synergy, teams must have the right people in the right places—all focused on achieving a common goal.
  • Commit to the concept that you are expected to “make the team” each and every day.