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Time: The Next Dimension of Quality

This breakthrough program focuses on increased productivity and customer service by identifying the actions that add value and those that do not.

Runtime: 18 Minutes
  • DVD or USB
  • Leader’s Guide
Key Learning Points:
  • Identifies unnecessary steps in processes
  • Keeps organizations flexible
  • Builds customer satisfaction


How would you respond if told that only 25% of the time spent in any given process adds value to your product or service? Rath & Strong’s John Guaspari and Edward Hay present a simple, but effective concept – don’t spend time on anything that has no value in the eyes of the customer.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn with this breakthrough program on increased productivity and customer service: how to look at a process to identify what steps add value and which do not. Once the non-value added time is removed or reduced, your managers and employees will deliver products and services to the customer faster, achieve higher levels of quality and put your organization so far ahead of your competitors they may never catch up.

Time: The Next Dimension of Quality is for everyone in all organizations large and small who want to serve the customer better, be more competitive, and make breakthrough improvements in “Quality” performance.

Participants will learn how to:
  • Identify the opportunities and benefits of time as the next dimension of quality for both the organization and individual
  • Conduct a Value-Added Flow Analysis (VAFA) to identify activities in a process
  • Apply the three criteria for determining if an activity adds value