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You have an All Access Pass to the best customer service and teamwork show to come along in years! “We’re In The Band” is a fun, fast-paced, music-filled motivational program for organizations who want to turn their customers into fans. Now Available in French!

Runtime: 10 Minutes
  • DVD or USB
  • Leader’s Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Bonus Music Videos from THE PAPERBOYS
Key Learning Points:
  • Reveals the 5 elements of a Standing Ovation
  • Describes what those 5 elements look like in your organization
  • Explains how Customer Service and Teamwork are related
  • Know what specific behaviours to exhibit when you’re on the job


Most people—your employees included—know what good service feels like. They have countless experiences shopping, eating out, going to the dentist or doctor, or getting their car fixed.

Most people also know what it feels like to be part of a cohesive team. Maybe they’ve been part of a sports team, a study group, a charitable organization, or another group of people who share a common goal and work well together to achieve it.

In our daily lives and our work lives, most of us have experienced good customer service and effective teamwork. If that’s so, then why doesn’t good service and teamwork come easily to everyone? Why is training necessary? The answer is simple: your employees may know how good service and teamwork ‘feel’, but they may not know what specifically they need to do to provide great service. That’s where this program can help.

THE PAPERBOYS, a popular CANADIAN folk rock band, have a clear vision for building their fan base and achieving success. Their process of turning customers into cheering fans applies to any enterprise that relies on teamwork and customer service to succeed.

With plenty of music and upbeat energy, this fast paced program highlights employees at all levels. From a police chief to a head chef, they all tell how they “come to perform” in their world. You’ll meet the nurse who “steps on stage” the minute she steps off the elevator, the waiter who “leaves his baggage at the door” in order to be a “rock star” for his guests. You’ll hear how one healthcare professional helps her teammates get through a tough day and why the cheerful grocery clerk considers both her customers and her teammates to be her “audience”.