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What Do You See?

This program illustrates the need for more compassion and care in the treatment of the infirm.

Runtime: 16 Minutes
  • DVD
  • Healthcare Discussion Questions, Quotes & Statements About Caring, Kindness and Aging
  • PowerPoint™ Presentation
  • Transcript
Key Learning Points:
  • Challenges healthcare workers to connect with patients
  • The importance of seeing patients as individuals
  • Learn to treat all patients with care and compassion


The program highlights the importance of seeing every patient as an individual, interacting with them, and treating them with compassion. It also discusses the importance of emotional care in alignment with medical care.

What Do You See? follows a day in the life of an elderly stroke victim, played by noted actress Virginia McKenna (Born Free), who makes a silent but heartfelt plea for her caregivers to notice her.

This influential and moving program is critical for every healthcare organization that works with the elderly or infirm.