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Winning Presentations: For Make Or Break Moments

This program was designed to help you create more compelling presentations, increase your ability to deliver those presentations with dynamism, and increase your confidence as a speaker.

Runtime: 22 Minutes
  • DVD
  • Trainer’s Guide
  • Workbook
Key Learning Points:
  • The Power of Story
  • Design Your Presentation With the Audience in Mind
  • How to Choose the Right Main Character
  • How to Organize Your Presentation
  • The Types of Information Your Audience Needs to Hear
  • Six Ways to Deliver Your Message With Dynamism


Have you ever stood in front of a group of people at the beginning of a presentation and felt all those pairs of eyes on you? With thoughts of ‘get me out of here’ going through your mind? If you need help with your confidence and presentation style, this program will definitely do the trick.

Winning Presentations reminds us of what Neuroscientists have been telling us for years: We humans are hard-wired for story. Story is the single most effective way to communicate, period. This program teaches story structure as it relates to presentations.

Shot DIY-style to help move the learning along, this program follows two business professionals as they attempt to communicate their ideas more effectively to their audiences.
Neuroscientists have examined how the brain responds to different delivery mechanisms of information, and have determined that stories are the most effective mechanism for:
  • Engaging interest
  • Establishing understanding
  • Inspiring retention for longer time periods
Researchers have also proven that logic may inspire understanding, but it is emotion that inspires action. When we tell stories with emotional components, audiences feel what we feel, and are affected by those feelings:
  • Generating particular beliefs
  • Making decisions
  • Taking action

Ultimately, emotional stories help us motivate our audiences in the direction we are looking to take them.

This program is available for delivery in these formats:

  • DVD – $695 each
  • Flash – $745 each
  • Download – $695 each
  • Stream – $6.95 per view (50 view minimum)