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Let’s Talk … Harassment, Bullying & Respect 3-Part Series

This 3-part set addresses all forms of harassment including bullying and respect in the workplace. And it does this in a concise, easy-to-understand way.

Runtime: 29 Minutes
  • 3 DVDs or USBs
  • Leader’s Guides
  • Reproducible Participant Materials
  • PowerPoint Presentations
Key Learning Points:
  • Defines harassment and bullying, and how they are related
  • Promotes respect in the workplace for all employees
  • Protects the organization by explaining legal guidelines


Harassment, bullying, and respect. This series addresses these issues and more in a concise, easy-to-understand way. Engaging and informative, the Let’s Talk… Series, includes three complementary but stand-alone programs. Collectively, they provide organizations with a great tool for helping employees understand and stop harassment and bullying while encouraging them to a maintain a respectful, productive work environment.

Purchase any single program in this series: $525!

Let’s Talk… Harassment – It Happens!

Harassment can occur in any organization. This program addresses the topic in a straightforward manner while thoroughly defining harassment, its impact on people and organizations, and its remedies. One advantage of this program is its coverage of the legal definitions of both Quid Pro Quo Harassment (with an expanded definition that includes more than Sexual Harassment) and Hostile Work Environment Harassment. The program remains engaging while covering a lot of ground — including providing explanations of such legal concepts as Tangible Employment Action and Vicarious Employment Action Liability. It’s a great tool for helping people understand what it means to build a respectful, productive workplace. (10 minutes)

Let’s Talk… Bullying, Abusive Conduct & Their Consequences

Bullying has become an all too common occurrence in today’s organizations. This program addresses the topic in an easy-to-understand manner. It can be used on its own or to fine-tune other, more general, harassment and respectful workplace training. The program defines bullying and abusive conduct, the effects they have on people and organizations, and their remedies. An advantage of this program is its clarification of the legal definition of bullying, an aspect of the topic about which many organizations are unsure. This is a perfect add-on program if you are looking to enhance harassment training legally required to include prevention of “abusive conduct”. (10 minutes)

Let’s Talk… Respect – It Matters

Can professionalism contribute to a respectful workplace? Yes! And this program shows how. Because it can be difficult to define “respect”, this program uses the easy-to-understand principles of professionalism to make important points about workplace respect. Through its examples of appropriate, respectful behavior versus that which is unprofessional and unproductive, the program clearly shows the relationship between commonly held standards of professionalism, organizational policy, and the law. An excellent guide, the program engages the viewer while providing an effective education. (9 minutes)

Together, these 3 programs increase understanding around the following:

  • What is Harassment and Bullying?
  • How do they affect individuals and organizations?
  • What are the legal definitions and forms of Harassment and Bullying?
  • What expressions of professionalism convey respect for others?
  • What are some ways to remedy the causes of disrespect and prevent it from occurring?