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Actions Speak! Behaviour-Based Interviewing

Based on the time-tested truth that, “Past actions predict future performance”, this fresh new approach to legal and effective interviewing from Dr. Paul C. Green, takes learners through a practical step-by-step process of finding the right candidate for any position.

Available in French.

Runtime: 24 minutes
  • DVD or USB
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Participant Guide
  • PPT
Key Learning Points:
  • How to formulate behavioural based interview questions
  • How to respect and manage silence
  • Learn to use non-verbal indicators
  • How you can avoid the ‘like me’ syndrome
  • Getting specifics on personal qualities


“In the science of behaviour-based interviewing, a lot has happened in the last thirty years. We made, ACTIONS Speak!, to bring those new insights to the employers who need them.” – Dr. Paul C. Green

The author of the Best Selling Interviewing Program of All Time is back with a great program. It combines storytelling with practical role-plays to deliver a fresh new approach to legal and effective behaviour-predicting interviewing for employers.

The setting for Actions Speak! is a broadcast television studio during rehearsals for a weekly business news program. The host of the program has invited a special guest to help her review a new business book on employee interviewing techniques. As they begin to critique real-world examples of interviews, the invited guest is less than helpful and decides to share his own strong opinions on behaviour-based interviewing and interviewing skills in general.

In this comprehensive interview skills training course, participants will learn:

  • How to use job information to compose effective and defensible interview questions.
  • How to gain behavioural predictors that can forecast job performance.
  • How to use non-verbal indicators (feelings) to suggest follow-up probes.
  • How and when to ask for reverse information.
  • How to respect and manage silence.
  • How to avoid the “like-me” syndrome.
  • How to get specifics on personal qualities like character, honesty and integrity.