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Healthcare Video Clips, Volume 2

For healthcare trainers, a versatile library of video clips to train in such areas as Embracing Diversity, Communicating With Clarity, Resolving Conflict, and Supervising Others. Volume 2 of The Healthcare Toolkit gives you the tools to customize your own training with video scenarios.

Runtime: 37 Minutes
  • Video clips on DVD for viewing
  • Video clips also on USB for importing into PowerPoint Presentations or eLearning
  • Leader’s Guide including discussion questions for each clip
Key Learning Points:
  • Builds a more respectful workplace by teaching how to respond to diverse needs and preferences
  • Improves efficiency by instructing staff on clear communication and conflict resolution
  • Maximizes training budgets by providing a library of video clips that can be used for a variety of applications


When it comes to delivering quality outcomes in healthcare, it is vitally important that employees have respect for all patients, a commitment to clear communication and a willingness to quickly resolve conflicts. It’s also important that clinical staff acting in a supervisory role know how to manage people. The assorted teaching clips in this toolkit can help you build these core competencies.

The training needs in healthcare organizations can change on any given day. In some cases, a topic requires a lengthy facilitated classroom-training event and in other situations, there is only enough time for a quick meeting or lunchtime learning session.

In either case, when you gather people together for learning on interpersonal skills, it’s nice to include video examples. Video clips bring training and teaching to life. They help emphasize ideas and lessons and promote discussion.

Healthcare Video Clips, Volume 2 provides a flexible set of materials that can help you build awareness and skills in workplace interactions and professionalism in responding to patients and co-workers. The video clips have been selected just for healthcare training and fall into four categories:

  • Embracing Diversity – explores the fascinating ways that culture and other forms of diversity can influence patient care while showing healthcare workers how to respect differences.
  • Communicating With Clarity – shows examples of communication — with patients and co-workers –and how to improve it.
    Resolving Conflict – examines the roots of workplace conflict and helps develop methods for reducing it.
    Supervising Others – provides examples that help build the supervisory skills of your clinical staff.

You can use the segments singly, by category, or in your own creative combinations. The accompanying Leader’s Guide provides suggestions for use, discussion questions and tables to help you identify which segments are most appropriate for your training applications.

The clips are provided on DVD and USB so that they can play right off the DVD or embedded into a PowerPoint Presentation or eLearning from the USB.

Additional topics (Ensuring Patient Satisfaction; Building Accountability, Ethics and Integrity; and Team Building) are covered in The Healthcare Video Clips, Volume 1.