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Results Rule!

Build a Culture That Makes Your Team a Hero

Great teams, departments, and organizations are ultimately defined by one thing – RESULTS!  This program will provide you with strategies and techniques that will help your operation deliver sustainable results and stand out.

Runtime: 42 Minutes
  • DVD, USB or Streaming
  • Leader’s Guide, Participant Resource Materials & PowerPoint
Key Learning Points:
  • Stay focussed on what’s important in your business
  • Improve partnerships and teamwork
  • Increase communication and accountability
  • Continuously grow, learn, and adapt
  • Encourage everyone to do what’s best, not what’s easiest


Great teams, departments, and organizations are ultimately defined by one thing – RESULTS! The secret to consistently delivering results is intangible – it is your culture. In this follow-up to his award-winning book, Randy Pennington – with over 20 years experience as is a much sought-after expert in helping leaders build a culture focused on results

Your organization is either a hero, has-been, or wanna-be. Creating a Results Rule! culture will turn your uniqueness into a completive asset. Results Rule! is about getting focused on producing results year after year after year and breaking out of the me too club.

Results Rule! provides strategies and concepts to create a culture that sets your organization apart in a marketplace where products and services are increasingly seen as being interchangeable.

For a sustainable competitive advantage, Pennington provides real-world strategies to:

  • Focus energy on the fundamentals of good business
  • Leverage the power of partnerships with customers and employees
  • Encourage your workforce to do what’s best rather that what’s easiest
  • Create accountability at every level

Learn to build a successful culture within your organization!