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Emotional Intelligence Series

Hosted by Daniel Goleman, this 3-video series presents the latest findings on emotional and social intelligence while providing practical instruction on how these skills can improve our work relationships, job performance and overall well-being.

Runtime: 44 Minutes
  • DVD, USB, or Streaming
  • PowerPoint Presentations Include Leader’s Material and Notes
  • Bonus Materials
Key Learning Points:
  • Gives people practical instruction on how to manage emotions and decrease stress
  • Depicts EI skills that help employees communicate clearly and with less conflict
  • Helps individuals develop behaviors and thought patterns that optimize performance


Understanding Emotional Intelligence: Learn the three basic strategies for handling stress with emotional intelligence.

1. Become aware of your emotions
2. Self-regulate your emotions
3. Recognize and empathize with the emotions of others

Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence: Learn the subtle art of reading facial expressions and understand how our emotions are passed from one person to another almost like the common cold. Learn how “feel good” chemicals in the brain help you sync up with others and encourage rapport.

Emotional Intelligence & Optimal Performance: Most people don’t understand that a certain amount of stress is necessary for productivity. Knowing the right amount for you is one of the five key emotional intelligence skills needed to stay highly motivated and engaged.

Each program in this series can also be purchased separately for only $525.00.